Becca began dissecting different methods of storytelling at an early age. With a background in journalism, creative writing, theater, and cinematic arts, she developed a passion for all forms of story. One January afternoon a few years ago, she met a friend who asked her to put her weird brain to work by reading through an early draft of a novel. Since that day, she’s honed her skills—working on everything from USA Today bestsellers to books that have been translated into multiple languages. Becca has a special heart for romance novels, but she has also worked on many women’s fiction and young adult novels. Anything that allows her to use her expertise in human elements and strategic plot development is a good fit for Edits in Blue.

Becca’s job has been described in many different ways. Story fixer. Plot fairy. Author coach. When it comes down to it, she’s here to fix the cracks in your story you might not even see. With her deeply instinctive understanding of narrative, Becca has the ability to course correct wayward plot points, offer insight into characterization issues, and adjust pacing and structure as needed. She’s not here to write your story for you. Rather, her editing serves as a creativity booster, helping to enrich your story and giving it the depth and believability it needs to truly shine.

Have a story idea that needs developing? Need a little plot fairy dust? Becca is your girl. Don’t take her word for it, though. Check out what dozens of published authors have to say about working with Becca.

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