Marketing Analysis / Release Bible

When your book is done and through its editors and on its way to proofreaders, it’s time to figure out how to market it. What will hit the hot buttons of your target readership? What’s even inside this thing? The Marketing Analysis will pull all the different things that can be oh so painstaking into one document, taking the pain out of trying to figure out how to showcase your hard work.

This service entails:

  • all possible tropes + selling points
  • up to 20 different jumping off points for ad copy
  • 10 major teaser lines
  • a full document of short and long excerpts for ads or teasers straight from your book
  • Check out an example featuring Meghan Quinn’s Earn Your Extra Credit or The Strike Out

Rate: $.0065/word ($325 for a 50k manuscript.) Book it here!

Blurb Help

Blurbs are one of the top three things to help sell your book. Send us what you have while answering a few important questions and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.

This service entails:

  • A meeting by email or phone (usually an hour or so) during which two possible options inspired by the blurb presented.
  • Three rounds of edits are applied to the drafted blurbs.
  • Possible tag lines for your story.

Rate: $150 with three rounds of changes. Book it here!
Additional turns or changes may incur an additional fee.

First Look Analysis

 The “First Look” is an analysis of the first 20k words of your manuscript. If you’re not sure if you’re on the right path or are worried about going too far in the wrong direction, the First Look is the perfect tool to help strengthen the start of your book. The editor will read over those critical first 20k words to highlight areas of concern and strengths including structure, character development, pacing, and plot. It’s the perfect starter service for those interested in our Content Editing and Developmental Editing services.

This service entails:

  • A meeting by phone (usually an hour or two) during which the editor delivers notes verbally and discusses solutions.

Rate: $400 flat fee Book it here!

Plot Focused Phone Calls

Sometimes you need someone to talk it out with, fill in some sections, and more. Phone calls are often the best to really voice what’s going on inside our stories and creative minds. We offer a free ten-minute consultation phone call to see if we are a good fit.

Rate: $150 / hour flat fee | monthly plan package available for long-term clients Book it here!

First Five Page Sample

We always welcome the chance to do a sample edit on the first five pages of your manuscript to see if we’re a good fit. Not every match is the perfect match and that’s okay!

Rate: FREE

Series Bible / Series Database

What color were his eyes again? And, where exactly is the bakery in relation to the town square? Did his grandma love lobster or was she allergic? Readers remember these things – even when we’ve moved on to all the next books and can barely remember our own names. The Series Bible will put all those details in one searchable spreadsheet taking the pain out of trying to figure out what that character’s backstory even was. This service is often called a Series Bible. 

This service entails a spreadsheet with:

  • all the details we can gather about the world you built
  • information on main and side characters
  • easy search terms

Rate: $.0085/word ($425 for a 50k manuscript.) Book it here!

For a multibook series (3+ books in the same series world), we’re happy to offer 15% off packages. Please contact us for more details.

Developmental Editing

The developmental edit is intended as a comprehensive evaluation of your story’s framework and essential elements. This is the pass that considers the ten-thousand-foot view but also highlights the potential for small improvements. She will read your story–sometimes twice. She’ll look for issues in pacing, plot, characterization, and structure. A developmental editor isn’t a beta reader, and she shouldn’t be your first reader. She’s the person you turn to when you believe you’ve done literally everything within your power to make your story sing—or when you’re beating your head against a wall because you’re not sure what to do now. She’s there to offer notes and guidance, and to coach you to solutions.

This is intended as a first pass at a manuscript that has just been deemed “done.” When you’ve done all you can, pass it along for a thorough read-through and notes relating to the overall plot, pacing, characterization, and point of view. This is a story-intensive edit, and it could be said that dev editing is to story structure what line editing is to writing. This edit is a “big picture” edit and is not intended to replace a line edit or proofread, where polishing will be done.

This service may entail either:

  • Up to three hours of calls during the process
  • A 2-5 page analysis of the manuscript as a whole, identifying issues and including suggestions and specific strategies for enhancement.

Rate: $.015/word ($750 for a 50k manuscript.) Book an intro call here!

Book Coaching & Manuscript Development

This is a service that we offer early in the writing process, though you might find it useful even halfway into the process of writing your book. Having a great coach is like having a story fairy in your inner circle–she’ll see things you don’t, and suggest things you might not have thought of as you write your story. She will guide you into making the bones of your story as strong as they can possibly be by focusing on character development, story structure, and dialogue, among other things.

The goal is to give you a partner in your writing—a coach and a cheerleader to help see you to the end and give you a boost along the way.

This service entails:

  • A scheduled hour-long “beginning” plot-focused phone call. This phone call helps to get the ball rolling and get all parties on the same page.
  • Once weekly check-ins, typically via email.
  • Designated incremented word check-ins (amounts determined by both parties) with notes and the possibility of a 20-minute clarification phone call as deemed necessary by both parties and dependent on scheduling availability.

Prior to booking this time-intensive collaboration, our coach will engage in a ten to fifteen minute phone call with prospective clients.

Rate: quoted upon request Book an intro call here!

Rush Fee

Sometimes life happens and you need your manuscript back hot quick.

Rate: quote upon request

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